7 reasons why hiring an Accountant is important for a start-up business.

It’s an incredibly exciting time when you decide to start up a new business and congratulations for taking that leap, but why do you need to consider hiring an accountant?

Is it an expense you just don’t need right now?

Are they worth the investment?

Could you just do your own accounts and taxes?

Are accountants more relevant for larger companies rather than a sole trader or start-ups?

There is a lot to think about and having your accounts in order at this stage may not be your priority. But having an accountant in place from the start could well be the best thing you have done to help your business get off to the right start.

So, why hire an accountant?

  1. They are experts. An accountant fully understands the complexity of taxes, budget planning, money flow and making sure all issues are covered so you don’t have to.
  2. Record keeping. An accountant keeps accurate and historical records of your income, expenditure and taxes.
  3. Your accountant acts as a business advisor. They can offer you an impartial view at where your company is going and guide you in the right direction.
  4. An accountant stays informed. Any changes in legislation that are coming up or issues that may arise, your accountant will know.
  5. An accountant frees up your time to run your business without the added worry of financial paperwork, budgets and tax returns.
  6. A good accountant will help your business grow.
  7. Hiring an accountant is not as expensive as you may think. Take your time to look around and make those calls. Find an accountant that you feel 100% comfortable with as they will be with you every step of the way with your new business venture.

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